Editing and Proofreading Services

Everything you need to make your spiritual text impeccable


This is early-stage editing. It focuses on the big picture. Expect suggestions for reorganizing, rethinking and rewording parts of your text. 


This is mid-stage editing. Expect grammar, usage, punctuation and spelling corrections. You'll receive a style sheet to ensure consistency. 


This is the final stage, getting you ready to publish. You'll be alerted to any issues that slipped past copy editors, including typographical errors. 

  • Because editing soulful works is my calling, I charge less than standard editorial prices
  • We'll agree on a rate after a short consultation call. I offer discounts if you need multiple items edited.
  • In every step of the process, I will be loyal to your voice and beliefs, allowing your message to shine.
  • I work on all kinds of manuscripts: novels, nonfiction books, websites, theses, short stories, poetry, etc. 

I also offer freelance writing, ghostwriting and coaching. Contact me for details.

"Shea came into my life at the perfect time. ... I run a niche sacred feminine therapy practice and healing business. Attempting to explain the complexity of what I do in way that resonates with others is not an easy feat! She helped bring a sense of clarity and conciseness to my previous copy writing attempts and endless pages of channeled material.

Not only that, Shea was also professional, timely, flexible, and easy to work with. Thanks for your invaluable support Shea. I don't know how I would have completed this project with out your help."

Jana Carrey, intuitive healer and flower medicine woman

Reach out: shea.editing@gmail.com   © 2022

SHEA Spiritual Editing & Proofreading 
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